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The members of the Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association (LOBBA) welcomes you to our website and hope you will visit often.  The LOBBA is one of the oldest satellite association within the Beefmaster Breeders United and started by some pioneer breeders in Live Oak County, Texas, who realized this breed was a perfect fit for the brush and cactus of south Texas. Today our membership includes breeders from across South Texas and beyond. You will find some of the proven and popular genetics lines of cattle in the herds of our members. Bulls produced and marketed by our members are recognized across the breed and industry as some of the best and the Live Oak Bull Sale held annually in January sets the standard for the breed.

Again, we're glad to have you here at our website and we hope y'all will think of Live Oak Beefmasters when you think of Beefmaster Cattle.


Welcome to the Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association website.  LOBBA is a satellite organization of Beefmaster Breeders United with a mission to provide marketing, educational, and data collection opportunities for its members.  The association also serves as a support group for BBU activities and functions.  Membership to our association is open to all and we welcome everyone.


LOBBA was started in October of 1974 by a group of  Live Oak County Beefmaster breeders who saw the need and advantage of such a group.  In March of 1975 the first Beefmaster sale was held at the Live Oak Auction Barn.  In 1977 the present sale barn was built and totally paid for by 1981.  In 1984 these generous  cattlemen donated the barn to the Live Oak County Fair Association.  An agreement was made for  both groups to use the barn and through the years the two groups have worked together to maintain and improve the facility.    That first board of directors of LOBBA set a remarkable example for others to follow.  Through the years, over 195 people have served on the board of directors and there have been 14 presidents. 


LOBBA starts the new calendar year with the established and well respected bull sale.  This sale is a pioneer in the marketing of Beefmaster bulls.  To maintain this reputation, keep pace with the times, and provide valuable data for consigners, members and buyers, a bull development program was started.  All bulls in the January sale are fed and cared for under the same conditions.  A variety of data is collected and bulls are visually evaluated twice.  This development program helps LOBBA members collect the performance information that meets the demands of today's cattle industry and has greatly improved the quality and uniformity of the bulls presented in our sale. 


LOBBA also provides two other sales during the year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.  The featured lots are generally females and give buyers the opportunity to purchase open heifers, bred heifers, and pairs.  Young bulls may at times be part of the offering as well.  Many times on the day before our sales, seminars of various topics of interest to cattle raisers are presented.  As an association we feel the need to keep our members and any other interested parties educated on the happenings in our breed and in the industry as a whole.


LOBBA invites everyone to join our organization.  We have wonderful socials the evening before all of our sales and invite all to come enjoy great food and fellowship.  Please come join us. 

Melvin R Scherer Jr.




Tom Lasater, founder of the BEEFMASTER breed, was one of those rare individuals who knew from childhood what profession he was going to pursue. He was fond of saying that ranching is his avocation as well as his vocation. Tom Lasater's philosophies of cattle raising encompasses all aspects of the business from range ecology to merchandising. Perhaps his philosophy can be labeled "creative radicalism." A good manager must be in love with results. A sound breeding program, oriented toward results, should be based on the Five Commandments of Livestock Breeding.


  • First Commandment is to select only for the SIX ESSENTIALS; Disposition, Fertility, Weight, Conformation, Milk Production and Hardiness.

  • Second Commandment is to strive for reproductive efficiency.

  • Third Commandment is to performance test in a constant environment.

  • Fourth Commandment is to employ direct selection, which means selecting for the specific traits sought and not for a combination the breeder hopes will produce the desired results.

  • Fifth Commandment is to utilize the adaptive powers of nature. Tom Lasater's policy was to ask the impossible of nature.



Selecting for disposition is simple. At Weaning time, any difference in individuals is readily apparent in cattle raised under identical conditions. The bulk of animals with poor dispositions can be spotted at that time and culled. Thereafter, disposition is judged continually with any noticeably excitable or high-strung animals being periodically eliminated from the herd.


The importance of fertility in the cattle business is obvious, and yet today's ranchmen have failed to produce cattle that are fertile. Selection for reproductive efficiency consists of a short breeding season; males and females bred at 12 1/2 months to 14 1/2 months and a calf from every cow every year - regardless. Reproductive efficiency also involves accomplishing the foregoing while keeping 80 - 90% of each heifer crop in order to intensify culling of the cow herd.


The vast majority of cattle are marketed on a weighed basis. The importance of weight is universally recognized. In selecting bulls for weight two factors are involved: (1) weaning weight and (2) post-weaning gain. The weaning weight reflects the milking ability of the mother; the post-weaning gain indicates the individual's own capability.


In selecting for conformation, what is really under consideration is carcass conformation. As Tom Lasater said, "the ideal conformation is exemplified by that animal whose carcass will yield the most pounds of tender, lean beef per pound of live weight." Fortunately, selection for this characteristic is not difficult because, given the chance, nature correlates many of the desirable traits in beef cattle such as body length, weaning weight, fertility, feedlot performance and cutability.


"Hardiness is exemplified by those individuals which carry on their relentless production assignment year after year with minimum assistance,". Every environment tests cattle in some fashion whether it is the cold, heat, drought, too much rain, parasites, rough terrain, predators, low quality feed or any other of the many problems that affect the rancher. Cattle should be raised in the environment in which they are to be used. Given that prerequisite, they should be able to adapt to the particular disadvantages of their geographic location. If they do not, obviously they will be unable to breed at 13 months or to wean a heavy, long-age calf nine months old or older every year.


Selection for milk production is a simple matter of evaluating the cow's milking abilities as reflected in her calf's weaning weight. In the case of bulls, herd sires are selected from bulls with top weaning weights thereby perpetuating the blood from heavy-milking females. Heifers are culled on weight at weaning; cows weaning light-weight calves are also eliminated.


LOBBA Legend Award Recipients

Legend articles compliments of Beefmaster Cowman

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  Larkin Jr.
Live Oak Legend 2017_button.jpg
Legend 2015-L2 Ranch_button.jpg

Legend Award Recipients . . .


2021 - Elton Lieke

2020 - Donnie Kasper

2019 - Bob and Bonnie Siddons

2018 - E C Larkin

2017 - Chapman

2016 – Carrillo Family

2015 – Fred and Judy Long

2014 – Ray Walker

2013 – Dr. Billy Welkener

2012 – J.M. "Joe" Martinez

2011 – Hans Wittenburg

2010 – Bill Carr

2009 – John Newburn

2008 – Melvin Scherer Jr.

2007 – Ed Wicker

2006 – Seymour Wormser


2005 – Anthony Mihalski

2004 – Don Kasper

2003 – Don Moore

2002 – Pat Shannon

2001 – Humberto Garza

2000 – Jack Dunn

1999 – Ascencion “Chon” Martinez

1998 – Joe Hendricks

1997 – Leo Joeris

1996 – Joe Yarbro

1995 – Enrique G. Garcia

1994  - Jim Ed Rhodes

1993 – J.B. Kolb

1992 – Walker White



Upcoming Sales . . . 

September 25, 2021

46th Annual Sale: Featuring the "Perfect Pair" Futurity

Live Oak Counrty Fair Grounds in Three Rivers, TX


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Upcoming Events . . . 

2021-22 Heifer Development Program at LANDAIR, INC.

Arrival of heifers starts September 15, 2021

Program starts October 15, 2021. All heifers MUST be in place by October 1,2021.

If you have any questions contact: 

Melvin Scherer - 361.877.2577

October 28 - 30, 2021

BBU Annual Convention, Fort Worth, Tx

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Heifer Program Letter

Heifer Development Program

Heifer Marketing Program

Heifer Weaning Recommendations

Heifer Entry Form


2021 Member of the Year - Elton Lieke


2021 Director Emeritus - Billy Welkner


2021 Legend Award - Elton Lieke


2021 New Member of the Year -           

     Jennifer Halepeska Hahn


2021 Breeder of the Year - Santa Ana Ranch. Dr. Alvaro & Ana Restrepo



Even though the Live Oak Association has been hosting the bull sale since its beginning 31 years ago, the graded bull sale began in 1995.   The following is a list of previous winners.

LOBBA High Grading Bull Winners...

2021 Top Ten High Grading Bulls

1. Lot 1 - 7C Cattle Company, Victoria, Tx

2. Lot 2 - Golden Meadows Ranch, Cotulla, Tx

3. Lot 3 - John Rediger, Pecos, Tx

4. Lot 4 - Diamond M/ Dave Moore, George West, Tx

5. Lot 5 - Rancho Tres Hijos, Houston,Tx

6. Lot 6 - Steve Anderson, Amarillo, Tx

7. Lot 7 - 7C Cattle Company, Victoria, Tx

8. Lot 8 - Rick Seeker, Brenham, Tx

9. Lot 9 - CF Ranches, Brenham, Tx

10. Lot 10 - 7C Cattle Company, Victoria, Tx


2021 Top Graded Bulls - 7C Cattle Company 10/19

Top Grading Bulls from Years Past . . .

2021 - 7C Anderson Cattle Company, Victoria, Texas

2020 - Lyssy and Sons, San Antonio, Texas

2019 - Flying B, La Pryor, Texas

2018 - Karen Hall - Hall and Tate Corners, Tennessee

2017 - Timber Ridge, Livingston, Texas

2016 – Sheldon McManus, Lake Charles, Louisiana

2015 – Ted Cain, Gulfport, Mississippi

2014 – Dr. Norberto & Sara Cantu, Rio Grande, Texas

2013 – Cottage Farm Beefmaster, Jackson, Tennessee

2012 – Toby Lester, Bentonville, Arkansas

2011 – L2 Ranch, Fred & Judy Long, Beeville, Texas

2010 – Lazy Susan Ranch, Savannah, Tennessee

2009 – Harold Hoge, Joshua, Texas

2008 – Collier Farms, Brenham, Texas

2007 – David Joeris, Moore, Texas

2006 – Bobby Melloan, Horse Cave, Kentucky

2005 – Bill & Dusty Carr, Laredo, Texas

2004 – Ted Cain, Wiggins, Mississippi

2003 – Trent Cromer, Axton, Virginia

2002 – Royce and Rose Witte, Giddings, Texas

2001 – Jim and Anita Dunkin, Paige, Texas

2000 – Jerry Vordenbaum, Seguin, Texas

1999 – C.W. Tuma, Premont Texas

1998 – Charles Ragus, Shreveport, Louisiana

1997 – Lyssy & Sons, San Antonio, Texas

1996 – Weldon & Helen Goebel, Cuero, Texas

1995 – Leroy Foerster, Orange Grove, Texas

2020 Top Ten High Grading Bulls

1. Lot 101 - Lyssy and Sons, San Antonio, Tx

2. Lot 120 - Margaritas Beefmasters, La Pryor, Tx

3. Lot 10 - Swinging B Ranch, Axtell, Tx

4. Lot 7 - Siddons Beefmasters, Tilden, Tx

5. Lot 98 - Paul & Rhonda Wallen, Lockwood, Mo

6. Lot 28 - Ray Walker, Big Springs, Tx

7. Lot 94 - Rod Farms, El Campo, Tx

8. Lot 95 - Rod Farms, El Campo, Tx

9. Lot 49 - Tim Chapman, Rockport, Tx

10. Lot 90 - Collier Farms, Brenham, Tx

2020 Top Graded Bulls - Lyssy & Sons - 48/596


2020 Results - 123 Bull - $491,100 - Avg. $3994



LOBBA Directors and Officers...


    Melvin Scherer

  Meyersville, Texas

  Vice President

 Gary Halepeska

   Goliad, Texas

Secretary/ Treasurer

       Don Kasper

Three Rivers, Texas

       Ex - Officio

       Bob Siddons

       Austin, Texas


Billy Welkener


Chris Cooley

Tim Chapman

Rubin Gitierrez

Elton Lieke

Dave Moore

Tony Psencik

Tim Pollock

Kito Saenz

Trey Scherer

Bill Skoruppa

Bill Wilson

Joe Wittenburg


Tyler Gwosdz

Lauren Lyssy

Kris Fore

LOBBA dues of $30 are due and payable to :

Donnie Kasper, Secretary-Treasurer, Live Oak Breeders Association, PO Box 1169 

Three Rivers, TX  78071



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Membership Form


Breeding Soundness Exam


Ultra Sound Barn Sheet

Useful Info.... 


Foot Scoring Guidelines

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Body Condition

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Hoof Structure

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Body Frame Structure

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Leg Structure

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Utter Structure



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